Do You Even Clone, Bro?

The topic of human cloning is one that has been and will always be discussed.  Now, we have the ability to not only fully clone an animal but we also have the ability to clone human beings.  By taking genetic data from a parent and mixing it with a base embryo we can create a human fetus.  The fetus is then implanted in the mother and grows inside of her. With this technology, we are able to control what our child looks like and what type of genetic make up they will have.  When creating a baby through conception, there is an unlimited amount of genetic combinations that our child can have, but with cloning we are able to guarantee their make up.  I believe that it is mostly morally acceptable.  I think that the aspect of being able to choose what physical attributes the child has is acceptable. However, the aspect of being able to choose if the child will have mental disorders or not could be messing with God’s plan.  I do not believe that we as humans should interfere with that, but I don’t think that it does not matter if we change what they look like.  



When dealing with science and moral responsibilities, there are a few lines that should not be crossed and a few subjects that could be controversial. In Frankenstein, Victor dares to do the undoable and creates life.  He does this thinking that it will help mankind but it instead ends up hurting it and causes not only sorrow but also death.  Mo, Victor’s creation, killed multiple human beings.  If Victor would have never created him, then there would have never been a reason for him to go on his murderous rage. Theses are some of the things we should not play with in life.  When pursuing the unknown, we must be cautious because we could inadvertently create something that is not only harmful to us but harmful to the world.  I personally believe that God is the only being permitted to create life.  If we have the capability of doing this we should not because then we get into the topic of do these beings have souls because they are not created by God.   As a distinguished publisher I am inclined to believe that it is morally acceptable to modify genetic code.  This could not only help children to be born without disabilities it would also help put an end to brain related disorders.  I have a personal life example of this.  My sister was diagnosed with a disease known as Guillain Barre when she was little.  It caused her to not be able to walk and she was in critical condition for many weeks.  By the grace of God she can now walk and has fully recovered.  However, this disease was genetic and she inherited it from her great grandfather who died of this.  Not only did this sickness effect her then she now has a ten times more likely chance of reattaining it.  If we used genetic modification it would save my little sister from pain, stress, and difficult struggles that she has had to endure.     

Word count: 327


Throughout Frankenstein, the qualities of nature and scenery were key players in how the book unfolded.  The author, Mary Shelley,  went into great detail when she described certain places in her book. One of the most noticeable, was the cave that Victor would go to when he would sojourn on hikes through the mountains.  The way she described it made me feel as though I was there with Victor.  It also made you sympathize with Victor, and the secludedness of it made the reader feel the same way that he did when he went to his hiding spot.  Another key spot in the book was the arctic tundra that she would describe.  She would tell how cold it was and how lonely the characters felt chasing after one another.  The ice in this book represents the overall theme of sadness.  Ice normally represents something gloomy.  Ice comes during the winter and kills beautiful flowers and trees.  It tends to take the joy and happiness out of the environment.  It also causes people to be separated from each other by locking them in their homes.  Ice is overall a very sad and depressing theme that represents only evil and dark things.  Most of the sublime setting come from Victor’s narratives, mainly the ones when he is telling his side of the story.  As an esteemed blog publisher I believe that these sublime natures are extremely effective when trying to add intensity to something a character is trying to express.

Word Count: 248


Mo’s biggest desire is to find somebody that will love him for who he is.  Throughout the book, Mo attempts to become like humans, live among them, and act like one of them.  However, throughout the course of the book all of Mo’s attempts fail and not only does it make him sad that he is all alone, it also makes him angry that everyone judges him by the way he looks before he can ever even say something to them.  He becomes so lonely that he kills Victor’s little brother to get his attention so that he can make another monster that will be Mo’s counterpart.  Victor, on the other hand, is looking to make himself famous by creating something that would change not only his life but the way the world goes.  Throughout the book he is obsessed with science and the mysteries of alchemy and creating life.  I personally believe that he does this to be noticed by Elizabeth and that if he can do something this great then she will love him.  I also feel that he does this because he doesn’t really have any friends. The monster could be seen as a product of Victor’s personal wants in life.  Mo wants to be accepted by people and wants someone else like him; Victor wants a friend and a partner.  

Word Count: 224

Ethical Dilemma

The underlying dilemma in this blog is that Mo does not have a lady and he needs one badly.  Mo consults victor and tells him that because of all the traumatic events that he had caused him, Victor was responsible for creating Mo a lady friend that would accompany him and allow him to feel loved.  The monster was enraged because no matter who he went to they all treated him as an animal.  Even if he was trying to be kind or perform a good act they still treated him as the monster that he was born to be.  Victor owed this to him.  Since he abandoned him and caused the world to hate him it should have been his obligation to create someone that would love, care for, and sympathize with Victor.   However, if victor creates his mate and she ends up loving him back, they would create more monsters together and overpopulate the world with them.  Also if Frankenstein was unable to recreate his experiment then this would cause Mo to go into another murderous rage.  If victor did create this monster it would be like creating another race and i’m pretty sure when God made man and woman he did not want us to add other types of beings. If frankenstein was so easy to get mad his counterpart would obviously be the same way and it would cause many griefs for Victor’s family and also the people of Geneva.  I feel like Victor’s decision to kill the female monster in the end had pros and cons to it but it mainly was good because it saved the world of having more monsters.

Word: 277

Nature vs Nurture

As Frankenstein continues the monster, Mo, slowly progresses towards the proper ways of humanity.  Without the help of victor, he is still able to manage to do this.  He begins watching a family and sees how they act and react to certain situations.  He even learns to speak english by watching a girl from France be taught.  It seems as though Mo has it all except he has lost one thing:social skills.  Frankenstein is incapable of interacting with other human beings not only because of his looks but also because of his awkward behavior.  The DeLacey family, the people who he was stalking, may have been able to teach him book smarts but he still has no street smarts. I believe that not being taught how to interact with others is a major role in Mo’s struggle but I also believe that it could be caused by severe insecurities from being left by his creator. His ignorance leads him to acting solely on feelings and killing Victor’s brother named William.  This not only caused major trouble for Frankenstein but also for Mo because people in the town are going to start thinking that he is even more of a monster than he already is.  As humans whether cloned or not we are all beings with souls and we all have 8 moral laws within us that allow us to act morally correct.  However, I believe that because he was never raised properly his sinful nature took control of him. I have sympathy for Mo because not only is he extremely sensitive everybody also hates him and is too scared to even get to know him.  Because of this Mo is starting to truly turn into the monster that people think he is.  His murderous rage was caused by his hatred towards Victor for not raising him and disowning him.  Mo simply wanted love and compassion but was returned with hatred and spite and in turn gave others what was given to him.

Word Count:333

Role of Parents

Victor, as the creator of his monster, has a significant role to fulfil, in that he must stay with his creation and watch out and care for it. As humans, it is known that when we have a baby we must look out and care for it no matter what the cost.  Saying that he does not need to watch out for his creation, is like saying that abortion is okay if the child is deformed or ugly.  Even if his “child” did not look the way he wanted it to he still has the responsibility to father it and care for it.  If one made the argument that society can father the child this idea would be flawed.  Allowing for a child to be brought up by society would not only be unethical it would also be unbiblical.  In the Bible, it says that it is the father’s responsibility to teach and rebuke the child and bring them up in the ways of the lord. Society is sinful and it would raise the child according to the desires of the flesh.  Even if the child is deformed they still should not reject it because not only is it still human it is also made by decisions that led to having/ creating this child.  During World War II eugenics, the philosophy of weeding out all of the mentally inferior, was a popular system in Germany under the rule of Hitler.  They were killing off all people that had any kind of mental handicaps this was cruel and inhumane.  It also led to the thought that when people didn’t have a mental handicap they were superior to those that did.  As a parent, loving a child unconditionally is a responsibility no matter how it acts or looks or what kind of disorder it might have.  In conclusion, Victor frankenstein has a commitment to fulfil; being the monsters father.     


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